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In my current studies I am writing comprehensive essays and papers related to these subjects, and most of these articles can be found on this website.

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Beside my essays and blog you this website also serves as my personal website. You can find my contact details and a short resume via the menu above.


The blog on this website is about my personal life, but also about the things I encounter while living in Barcelona or during cycling in beautiful Catalonia.


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Senior Lecturer and Coordinator International Student Affairs

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

I have known Vincent as a very active student with a lot of ambition. He has excellent communication skills, mainly because of his high knowledge of Dutch and English. Even though his Social Work study was very practical, he also developed his analytical and research skills during his time as a Social Work student.

Managing Director and Owner

All Suriname Tours

Vincent worked for three months as Interim PR Manager at All Suriname Tours in Paramaribo. At the start we asked him to improve marketing and communication aspects of our company. In three months he did this to the utmost.

Lecturer, researcher and coordinator Social Work

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Vincent was one of our great students. He participated for years in the education committee and always had an analytic and proactive approach of learning and thinking about new ideas. Beside that he always is very international orientated.

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